Motorize your window shades.

Meet AXIS Gear.


It motorizes and automates shades, including the ones you already own.

  • Works with any shade
  • Smart scheduling
  • Automation sensors


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Smart scheduling

Schedule your shades.

Wake up to sunshine, for a brighter morning

Your home is safe when you leave for work

Come home at night to much-needed privacy

Automation sensors

Automate your home with intelligent sensors.

Your shades can move with the weather. Experience the luxury of a hands-free home.

Improve room comfort

Remove annoying monitor glare

Lower your energy usage.


Works with any shade.

Lift the shades you already love.

Any size or weight.


  • Simple DIY installation
  • Keep your current window shades

No wires or outlets.


Powered by a compact solar panel. No wiring, outlets, or changing batteries.

Smart Home ready.


Connect AXIS Gear and its sensors with your favorite Z-Wave and ZigBee devices.

On-device controls.


Control single or groups of shades directly from the stunning LED touch interface.

Save your money.

Basic motorized shades cost upwards of $400 - not including expensive add-ons.


Keep your shades. Get the whole suite of features in one premium device.

Order yours now to save 25%

$145  retail: $195


Shipping Begins Late 2016

Pre-Orders Ship Worldwide

30-Day Refund From Order Date

Will it work for me?

AXIS Gear motorizes any covering with a beaded chain or cord loop, from shades to blinds to curtains.


Install it on the inside, outside or middle of the window frame.



Awesome resources for more info:


Installation & Compatibility Guide

Tech Specs


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